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SDVP – Software Define Video Platform

Software para administración de distribución de video en vivo

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    Software-Defined Video Platform

    A complete solution for managing live video distribution

    The Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is a complete market proven solution for managing high performance live video delivery at scale.  The SDVP modular architecture manages all facets of live video distribution over IP networks, with traffic and congestion aware routing, diverse signal path bonding, patented hitless failover technology and available in-transit processing delivering unparalleled performance and network efficiency.  The SDVP is trusted to successfully deliver over 20,000 premium live channels and events, error free, every day!


    SDVP Delivers End-to-End Live Operations & Control

    Zixi Broadcaster
    SDVP Media Gateway

    • Multiplexing & OTT Packaging
    • Sophisticated Monitoring
    • Bonding & Hitless Failover
    • Universal Support
    • for 16+ Protocols
    • Ultra Low Latency

    Zixi Edge Compute
    SDVP Connections

    • Connect Channels to Zixi Broadcasters
    • High Performance Connectivity
    • 400+ ZEN Integrated Partners
    • Supports all transport protocols (RIST, RTP, RTMP, SRT, HLS and more)

    ZEN Master
    SDVP Control Plane

    • Centralized Operations Dashboard
    • Video Route & Infrastructure Orchestration
    • ZEN Master for AWS Media Services
    • Live Events Manager
    • Global Visibility & Health

    Live Transcoding
    SDVP Transcode Option

    • Consolidate Transcode and Distribution Workflow​
    • Deliver SPTS/MPTS & OTT Optimized Variants​
    • GPU Accelerated & Ultra-Low Latency​
    • Content & Congestion Aware​
    • Integrated Dynamic Encoder Backpressure​

    Intelligent Data Platform
    SDVP AI/ML Analytics

    • AI/ML Driven Predictive Insights
    • Programmatic Incident Detection
    • Automated RCA Report Generation
    • Blast Radius Impact Analysis

    The Best Streaming Software for a Reason

    Zixi keeps you ahead of the curve

    Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is the industries most complete platform for managing live broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider, and any edge device.

    The last decade has brought seismic shifts in viewer behavior. This has led to an explosion in industry advancements, including virtualization of broadcast media infrastructures and implementation of software defined video networks supporting business agility and cost efficiency strategies the market demands. Zixi’s customers leverage the SDVP and robust Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners and service providers to grow and thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

    Contribución/Distribución de Video sobre internet mediante Zixi

    See How The SDVP Works

    The flexible IP video workflow solution that can be cloud-based, server-based or a hybrid.

    Contribución/Distribución de Video sobre internet mediante Zixi

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