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    Viz Engine®

    Simply, the best graphics in the world


    Composite and render scenes and make them accessible for other Vizrt applications


    Render in real-time a wide variety of adaptive designs for studio or live environments


    Record and play out multiple channels of video and audio for various production needs

    Key features

    • Superior Rendering Performance
    • Multiple simultaneous render pipelines
    • 2D and 3D graphics processing
    • Key and fill outputs
    • Full scene anti-aliasing
    • Incredible photorealistic virtual sets and AR
    • Unreal Engine® easily integrated
    • Most complete IO structure: SDI, IP, Streaming, 4K, HDR
    • Multi-channel media recording and playout
    • Enhances legacy creative assets
    • Integration with Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects
    • Embedded, AES, and Dolby E audio
    • Native NDI usability
    • Fusion Keyer with easy auto-adjustment for perfect keying
    • Versatile plug-in API
    • Shader development
    • Post-processing effects
    • Ready for virtualized environments and cloud

    Viz Engine is the superior compositing, real-time 3D rendering and video playout platform in the media industry. It renders animated 3D scenes in all resolutions, capable of utilizing any rendering pipeline. Viz Engine is the foundational backbone of today’s most advanced graphics and video production workflows.

    With superb photo-realism, stunning effects and advanced compositing features combined with unrivalled performance, decisive integrations and sleek workflows, Viz Engine reduces complexity so you can increase your creativity. With absolute reliability, speed, and precise control, you get access to the best graphics in the world from within the familiar Vizrt workflows. Now you can go beyond imagination to attract and retain your audiences every day and with every program.


    Viz Engine is a scalable platform that can utilize multiple instances on the network, with sharing of processing and I/O. The platform architecture offers easy re-purposing as requirements change and is built to be the extensible foundation for multiple Vizrt systems and production use cases.

    Full integration of the Unreal Engine® combines the best of all worlds for gorgeous graphics rendering and seamless control from Viz Engine, adding unrivalled efficiency and simplicity to your multi-render workflows.

    The wide-ranging platform connectivity of Viz Engine enables the integration of customized control software, 600+ user-specific plug-ins, importing of models from Autodesk’s Maya and 3ds Max, Maxon’s Cinema4D, and Adobe After Effects, and support for multiple tracking systems.


    Native NDI® integration powers synchronization of tracking data and NDI sources, opening various possibilities, including out-of-the-box AR setups with PTZ cameras and enabling cloud-based workflows with Viz Engine. State of the art virtual studios and augmented reality graphics can be produced with high precision, allowing intricate and complex stories to be faithfully retold. Out-of-the-box setups with PTZ cameras will run in no time.





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