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Sistema de Replay RiMotion

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    Riedel RiMotion replay solutions are the most intuitive and scalable options in the market, breaking with traditional concepts and bringing a modernized user experience to live replay.

    Although defined by a compact form factor and significant cost advantages, RiMotion represents the high quality and professional approach all our products are known for. RiMotion solutions are available in three different bundles, so you’ll find just the right one for your production: With RiMotion R6, R8 and R12 you get to choose from 6 to 12 configurable channels for 4 to 10 camera inputs, as well as an optional UI Mini PC, Dual Operator support and network capability.

    RiMotion offers a pioneering solution combining extensive slow-motion capabilities with Simplylive’s acclaimed touchscreen UI approach.

    The intuitive user interface that has become a landmark of the SimplyLive Production Suite has been further optimized for RiMotion. All features are concentrated in a clear and simple to use touchscreen interface that even new users can learn to operate in minutes. Additionally, the system comes with a brand new dedicated slow motion remote controller, integrated with the touch UI. This allows the best operator experience with the combination of the dedicated remote and touchscreen interface

    RiMotion is designed for the way operators want to work. Some may prefer the familiar Replay Remote Controller with an intuitive button layout and ultra-responsive jog wheel. Others love working with our touch-screen UI, with easy-to-access controls and great feeling scroll pad. And some operators want to work with both at the same time, which is why we offer both… so people can work exactly the way they want.

    The RiMotion architecture also brings flexibility for remote, at-home productions. The system allows the backend hardware to be located on-site, while the UI can be extended via Ethernet to the production facility. This allows for a smaller footprint, less people needed on location and an unparalleled level of workflow flexibility.

    Simple. Flexible. Affordable.
    Reliable. Scalable. Future-proof!



    The R6 offers the best balance between channel density and cost efficiency to truly offer our most affordable & powerful, small form factor instant replay system. It comes with 6 configurable channels for up to 4 camera inputs with a minimum hardware footprint in a 1U portable chassis and includes:

    • Replays & Highlights
    • Import / Export of media
    • New Slow Motion Remote Controller


    Although defined by a compact 1RU form factor and significant cost advantages, the R8 represents the same high quality and professional approach, all Simplylive products are known for.  It offers 8 configurable channels for up to 6 camera inputs with a minimum hardware footprint in a 1U portable chassis and includes:

    • Replays & Highlights
    • Import / Export of media
    • New Slow Motion Remote Controller


    The R12 provides the ultimate replay power in a compact 2RU, redundant, intuitive and scalable bundle. It offers 12 configurable channels for up to 10 camera inputs for a single operator or choose 8 camera inputs and 4 outputs for dual operators. This bundle includes:

    • Replays & Highlights
    • Import / Export of media
    • Dedicated Remote Controller
    • Single or Dual Operators
    • Networking of Multiple RiMotion 12 Servers
    Requerimientos de alimentación

    De 100 a 240 V CA, 50/60 Hz

    Consumo de energía – Máx


    Consumo de energía – Modo Espera

    3W o menos

    Temperatura de funcionamiento
    5 ~ 35 C (41 ~ 95 F)
    Temperatura de almacenamiento
    -20 ~ 55 C (-4 ~ 131 F)
    Humedad de funcionamiento
    Del 20% al 90% (humedad relativa)
    Humedad de almacenamiento
    75% o menos
    Masa / peso
    10,2 kg (22 lb. 7,8 oz.)
    Dimensiones (ancho / alto / profundidad)
    440 x 43,6 x 507 mm
    17 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 20 pulgadas

    RJ-45 x 2 puertos (1000BASE-T,100BASE-TX)


    USB de súper velocidad (USB 3.0) Tipo A
    – 6 puertos en total (2 en el frente y 4 en la parte trasera)
    – Parte frontal Soporte de suministro de energía (900 mA/puerto)
    – Parte trasera: Soporte de suministro de energía en puerto derecho inferior (900 mA), sin soporte en los otros tres puertos


    Versión 1.4a HDMI Tipo A, Resolución máx. 1920×1200, 60 Hz

    Display Port

    Puerto de visualización Versión 1.1a, resolución máx 2560 x 1600, 60 Hz


    BNC x 2 puertos, compatible con SMPTE-318M, sincronización de tres niveles en HD (0,6 Vp-p/75 Ω/carga de sinc.) o señal en negro/ sincronización compuesta SD (0,286 Vp-p/75 Ω/carga de sinc.)


    8 puertos BNC
    HD: Compatible con SMPTE-292M SD: Compatible con SMPTE-259M

    Especificaciones para PC

    Procesador Intel Core i7-3930K (3,4 GHz)


    8 Giga Bytes

    Unidad SO

    m-SATA 60GB x 1

    Bus de expansión

    PCIe Gen2 8Lane (30 W) x 2

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