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    The Next Big Step in Centralized Video Quality Monitoring and Analytics

    Video Monitoring and Analytics Challenges

    In today’s media and entertainment market, video service providers face far more competition than traditional pay TV channels of the past. Subscribers are inundated with alternatives and can switch instantly if they are not happy with video service quality.
    To deliver a consistent viewer experience, service providers must monitor video and audio quality every step of the way and be able to identify problems that adversely affect user experience; pinpointing the root cause as quickly as possible, to first recover and then make the right adjustment to prevent future occurrence
    of the same problem.
    When monitoring Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS), video services typically face several challenges:
    • Aggregating monitoring points to a centralized view and a single pane of glass
    • Customizing views of aggregated data based on trends, program, flow, and monitoring points
    • Dealing with alarm storms on large scale events
    • Correlating data from upstream and downstream events
    To address such challenges, Telestream iQ has introduced ARGUS – the next big step in centralized video monitoring management


    ARGUS was developed in response to broadcasters and video service providers, both large and small,
    whether focused on a single demarcation point in the video pipeline, or achieving visibility of a full end-to-end video network. ARGUS enables automated surveillance of each video transition point with data aggregation from monitoring probes anywhere in the video delivery chain. ARGUS provides deep dive analytics data that enables service providers to quickly identify the source of video quality issues and their root causes. What makes ARGUS unique is its ability to correlate and aggregate data from a nearly unlimited number of probes and present that data in a simple single-pane-ofglass interface


    Key Benefits

    1. True Consolidated Management and Analytics:
    ARGUS is designed with a distributed system architecture for scaling the number of monitoring points from few to many, while consolidating management and analytics. This enables probes to be deployed across various regions or countries while connected to a centralized management system. This consolidation addresses the operational swivel chair effect and provides observability to all stakeholders regardless of location.

    2. Optimized for virtual and cloud deployments:
    ARGUS also takes advantage of a new microservices architecture optimized for virtual and cloud deployments, targeting the needs of larger media companies that are moving toward cloud workflows.
    ARGUS’s ability to scale at a global level enables large media companies to deploy the monitoring
    solutions in container and Kubernetes cloud-native environments along with automation and orchestration AWS, Google Cloud (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

    3. Pay-as-you-grow pricing and business model:
    ARGUS is available in a usage-based pricing model and enables scaling the number of monitoring
    points from small to large with scaled pricing based on usage. For existing Telestream customers, there
    is a hassle-free migration path from iVMS ASM to ARGUS that protects prior investment.

    Key Features

    • At-a-glance observability into
    quality of experience measurements impacting service performance
    • Stateful alarm management for consolidated troubleshooting workflow and coordination with team members
    • Integration with third party client analytics

    • Quickly identify root cause and impact of observed impairments
    • Diagnose performances differences by asset, geography, time, and CDN
    • Post event troubleshooting workflow with drill downs and reports for quick health assessments
    and deep dive problem analysis
    • Trend key performance indicators with daily reports

    Scaling for Diverse Organizations

    • Customize user profiles to focus attention on the right video assets, monitoring points, and depth of
    • Data correlation from monitoring points across dispersed geographies and networks, providing
    simplified views by asset, probe, monitoring type, variant, and server.
    • User authentication with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

    Reporting, Notifications, & Integration

    • Up to 30 days of performance data storage for trend analysis
    • Broad set of standard reports for performance analysis, advertising, and closed captioning
    • SNMP and e-mail alerting for the real-time intelligence of critical events
    • Customizable automated daily reports for key performance indicators
    • Data extract and configuration API for automation and third-party tools integration

    Applications and Use Cases

    ARGUS enables collection and aggregation of monitoring data to enable monitoring applications such as:
    • Content quality validation as it leaves the production facility to affiliates and service providers
    • Media ingest from live acquisition or broadcast partners to assure quality is as expected
    • Post-encoding and packaging for adaptive bitrate and linear delivery
    • Content accessibility at the origin server to assure successful publication
    • Assessing network and CDN performance and service quality (QoS)
    • Pinpointing quality issues across the entire video service portfolio with live, post-event and OTT VOD monitoring workflows
    • Protecting advertising revenue for dynamic ad-insertion workflows, ensuring ad opportunities are present and without error.
    • Ensuring regulatory compliance for captions and subtitles including ABR text track monitoring for OTT services

    Product Specification

    • ARGUS is available as a 1RU server-based appliance or a virtualized software package which can be loaded on a Virtual Machine in a VMWare or KVM hypervisor environment.
    • ARGUS is compatible with all Telestream iQ probing technology and can collect data from Inspector LIVE, Sentry and Surveyor family monitoring points


    The Next Step in Centralized Video Monitoring Management

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