Plataforma de Transformación Digital de arquitectura modular abierta de supervisión y orquestación para medios ICT y plataformas de banda ancha

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    Empowering your Digital Transformation

    Modular open monitoring and orchestration software for ICT media and broadband platforms

    Your ecosystem deserves the best

    DataMiner® is the most future-proof and cost-efficient agnostic DevOps software platform for any of your monitoring & orchestration needs


    Your system exactly the way you want it

    DataMiner enables end-to-end integration of even the most complex technical ecosystems.


    Unlock all possible potential

    The highly advanced orchestration and automation capabilities make DataMiner stand out from the rest.


    Go beyond the limits of the human brain

    Taking proactiveness to a whole new level, with built-in AI that analyzes data on the fly.


    Consolidate all data across all data sources

    Build your data-driven operation on a rock-solid and standardized foundation

    Solutions that fit your agile operation

    DataMiner is a key enabling technology for media & broadband operators to enter the era of unified data-driven operation, and to transform their entire operation, across any vendor, technology and domain boundaries, into an agile operation.

    Empower your organization with a powerful data-driven operational platform

    DataMiner® converts flexible new technologies into one consolidated operational platform and gives you the agility to continuously evolve in a fast changing world with many unknowns.

    Manage the entire operation stack

    Say hello to highly reliable platform services

    Integrate any data source

    Get up and running in minutes with all your data sources connected on the fly

    Become a data-driven operation

    Inject your media & broadband operation with tons of data


    Take efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level

    Open architecture

    Any third party can create new drivers or modify existing drivers


    Scalable from small systems all the way to corporate-wide deployments

    DataMiner is the key enabling technology for your Digital Transformation

    Nowadays, the transitions are fundamentally different in nature as compared to anything else we experienced in the past decades. Today you are not simply moving an existing business and workflows to a new generation of technology. Instead, All-IP, virtualized and cloudified products create endless possibilities to build and shape a business in many ways.


    But it’s not about technology itself

    Today’s new enabling technologies impact and change everything we are accustomed to in a business.
    That’s why your strategic goals is to build an agile operation that is prepared for the unexpected and able to adapt and evolve quickly
    But simply deploying all-IP or cloud-based technologywon’t magically launch your organization into a new era.
    It’s about how you use that transformational technology to empower your operations.





    DataMiner is a transformational platform

    Out of the box and by design, it addresses key challenges such as security, complexity, multi-cloud, and much more.

    At the same time, it also provides a pronounced open architecture with powerful enabling capabilities that enables users to evolve easily and continuously.

    DataMiner Data Acquisition & Control Layer

    SDVP AI/ML Analytics

    The foundation of DataMiner is its powerful and versatile data acquisition and control layer. With DataMiner, there are no restrictions to what data users can access. Data sources may reside on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup.

    Supports any type of data or interface

    Any data-driven operation relies on a unified data acquisition and control plane that empowers users to integrate with new data sources easily and quickly. DataMiner is unrivaled in this respect, supporting any type of data or interface, including both standard and proprietary protocols, structured and unstructured data, file indexing-based processing, streaming data and much more.


    Establish a powerful DevOps data engineering operation

    The open-source model, the accompanying professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Visual Studio, and the CI/CD capabilities make it a perfect fit to establish a powerful and unified DevOps data engineering operation.

    Create a digital twin of your operation

    DataMiner is also the only solution in the industry where the data integration results a real-time, fully standardized and secured digital twin of the entire operation, a vital asset for mission-critical operations.

    DataMiner Cloud Platform

    With the public DataMiner Cloud Platform, a new cornerstone of the DataMiner ecosystem, Skyline offers its users all the common cloud advantages, including ultimate convenience, powerful off-the-shelf capabilities and integrations, and of course also on-demand use and continuous scaling.

    DataMiner Collaboration

    In an ever more distributed operational context with agile teams, valuable operational data must be integrated seamlessly with everyday human collaboration workflows. By design, DataMiner offers unprecedented novel ways to achieve this, in a secure and scalable manner

    Leverage your collaboration tool of choice (ChatOps)

    DataMiner is integrated with Microsoft® Teams and participates actively in chat sessions, feeding participants in your enterprise, and across enterprises, with a rich set of information relevant to the chat (contextual info).

    DataMiner Dashboards

    Sharing data in real time and in a secured manner is a single-click operation in DataMiner Dashboards. Literally access, aggregate and visualize any data set imaginable, conveniently tailored to the needs of the user.

    DataMiner Custom Applications

    DataMiner Custom Applications are lightweight apps that offer users the data and controls they need, tailored to their activities. Custom applications can be created, deployed and operated in any web browser on the fly (DevOps), are easily accessible, and are personalized to the user. Multi-tenant operations become a piece of cake.

    DataMiner Orchestration & Automation

    To establish a next-gen operation you need sophisticated orchestration with full awareness of availability, capabilities and capacity of resources. The DataMiner Process Automation (PA) module is the execution engine behind all activities in processes. It’s an all-in-one engine for business, operational and technical processes.

    Open-architecture orchestration and automation

    The solution enables the conversion of any third-party technology into standard functions, resulting in powerful virtualization that cuts across any vendor, technology, and domain boundaries, from the ground to the cloud, and across different cloud providers.

    DataMiner Object Models

    Manage vast amounts of administrative data such as customer data (CRM), occasional-use (OU) jobs and schedules, contractual information, rate cards, TV channel databases, etc.

    DataMiner Process Automation

    DataMiner offers its users a completely open-architecture solution in line with BPMN and with unrivaled capabilities, supporting both technology and human-oriented activities.

    DataMiner Service & Resource Manager

    DataMiner Service and Resource Manager (SRM) is a unique suite of 7 DataMiner functions that enable simple, yet reliable orchestration and monitoring of media, transport, and broadband services end to end.

    DataMiner Augmented Operations


    Out of the box, DataMiner Augmented Operation will assist teams in making the right choices, with intelligent KPI forecasting, change point detection, patented anomaly detection, trend change detection, and much, much more!


    DataMiner comes out of the box with automatic AI-powered forecasting on all key metrics, enabling sophisticated detection of deviations from normal behavior, with zero configuration effort.

    Fault detection

    Instead of relying on manually defined and updated alarm thresholds, Intelligent Fault Detection applies advanced autonomous learning in order to intelligently detect when faults occur.

    Incident analysis

    Automated analysis of faults and overall system behavior in order to identify incidents, enabling operators to manage their operation from an incident perspective.

    Assisted operations

    Advanced artificial intelligence technology is applied to assist operators so they can manage a live operation more easily and efficiently.

    Skyline Communications – Together, we create
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    DataMiner – Digital Transformation Suite

    The DataMiner Digital Transformation Suite is your best stepping stone to digitizing processes across the media and broadband supply chain.

    Manage your data and automate your processes

    Creating new data models is done easily – also over API – whereas processes can be developed easily using activities that run your DataMiner scripts as well as your existing playbooks (Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, Ansible, etc.). As always, tailored connectors for each third-party system can be deployed on the DataMiner platform.

    Build a data-driven operation

    All data is stored in DataMiner’s unified data lake, deployed on a highly scalable cluster of Cassandra and Elasticsearch nodes.

    Becoming a software-savvy digital enterprise

    Digital transformation is the result of successfully bundling people, governance, and processes. The DataMiner platform enables all this. It is built to support larger, often corporate-led transformations. But in the same breath, the platform’s embedded DevOps features and CI/CD pipeline also encourage people-led initiatives.

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